Healing Mass


(A)   Open type of monthly healing mass the schedule is not settled

for the time being.

Dec. 12 (Sun.) is cancelled.


(B)   Closed type of healing mass will be offered once during December

without attendants at other places.


Could you pray for your intention of healing at where you stay in the

spiritual union with the closed mass?


However the schedule of January of 2022 is not settled yet.

When it is settled, it will be informed in this homepage etc.



The campus of the University of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (in Tokyo) is officially limited to use in general now, so the healing mass in November will be offered by closed type at other places.


Open type in general:

PLACE: University Chapel of the University of the

              Sacred Heart  (Seishin Joshi Daigaku) 

LOCATION: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Hiroo 4-3-1

HOUR:     2:00 p.m.


 Till Feb. 9, 2020  Fr. Thomas Masatoshi Kodaira (O.F.M.) and Fr. Paul Janocinski (O.P.) had offered  the healing mass together monthly, and  Fr. Thomas Kodaira was usually the main celebrandt, and sometimes the mass will be offered by the  co-operating priests according to the situation .


CLOSED TYPE  of healing mass


The closed type of healing mass

with the intention of the healing

is offered monthly (once in a month)

by the turn of the priests

at various chapels without attendants.


The priests,

Fr.  Masatoshi Kodaira (O.F.M.),

Fr. Pawel Janocihski (O.P.),

Fr. Kinji Kawamura

(Tokyo Archdiocese)

Fr. Hiromasa Akamatsu (S.J.) etc.

will offer closed mass in turn

 once in a month.   

(The list mentioned above does not express

 the turn.)


        The intention of the healing mass in closed type:

For the healing of those who have been included in the intention of the past healing masses of open type and those whose wish to attend open mass if there were open mass and pray for the grace of healing by Lord Jesus where they stay when they are convenient to pray in union with the closed type healing mass spiritually.


 General information,    The schedule,   Access,    Map


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Cooperating priests,    Links  (Books written by Fr.Kodaira etc.)      


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General Information


   Fr. Kodaira and Fr. Paul Janocinski, the successors of Fr. McCoy (S.J.)  and Fr. Schneider (O.F.M.), offered open mass together monthly on the 2nd Sunday except every August , every September  till the pandemic spread.

As exception: the term while the current COVID-19 ( pandemic epidemic)  causes bad condition, 

only closed type of the healing mass is to be offered as the substitute of open mass for the time being. 


As for the case of open mass

Fr. Kodaira is the main celebrandt.

The homily is offered in Japanese. 
   The notice of the next date etc. will be informed at the information column, "Kokuchiban" in The Catholic Newspaper in Japanese. There are co-operating priests who will offer mass when Fr. Kodaira nor Fr. Paul cannot manage the schedule.


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   The Schedule in future

A.  There is no settled schedule of

open type mass now for the time being.


B.   Closed type healing mass schedule:

once in December (during early December).


As for December the closed masses will be offered with the intention of the healing for those who wish to attend if open mass were offered once in a month

by the priests in turn at the chapel etc. where each

priest is convenient for closed mass then.

That is, no one cannot attend closed mass.

Could you pray for your intention for healing and the grace of the healing for your intention and for those whom are included in the intention of closed healing mass at your home or at the place where you are ?

The omnipotent God knows your intention, so you need not worry about if you already wrote the intention on the card before Feb.9, 2020 or not. Merciful Lord Jesus, our Healer, can heal you even if you cannot attend open mass.  (One need to repent the sin, and Catholic need to pray the spiritual Communion.)

  When the schedule of open mass or closed mass is settled, it will be noticed on this page.


The following dates are not sure whether

it will be closed mass or open mass:


Jan. 9 (2nd Sun.), 2022

Feb. 13 (2nd Sun.), 2022

March 13 (2nd Sun.), 2022

April 10 (2nd Sun.; The Palm Sunday), 2022

May 8 (2nd Sun.), 2022

June 12 (2nd Sun.), 2022

July 10 (2nd Sun.), 2022


There will be no open mass in August nor

in   September in 2022 as usual.


 When the schedule of open mass is settled, it will be announced on this HP, etc.


C.   The closed type healing masses which were

offered already in the past:


March 2020:      Fr. Pawel Janocinski

April 12, 2020:   Fr. Kodaira

               The video message of the greeting for the Easter by Fr. Kodaira in Japanese can be seen at the  followinf URL:




   May 10, 2020: Fr. Kawamura

   June 14, 2020: Fr. Kawamura

   July 12, 2020: Fr. Pawel

   Oct. 18, 2020: Fr. Pawel

  Nov. 8, 2020: Fr. Kodaira

 Dec. 13, 2020: Fr. Kodaira


 Fr. Kodaira releases his message 

(in Japanese) in the last Advent in 2020 at

the following URL:




January 10, 2021: Fr. Kawamura

February 14, 2021: Fr. Kawamura

March 14, 2021: Fr. Pawel

April 12, 2021: Fr. Pawel

May 9, 2021: Fr. Kodaira

June 13, 2021: Fr. Kodaira

July 15, 2021: Fr. Akamatsu

October, 2021: Fr. Kawamura

November, 2021: Fr. Kodaira


     The video message in the Advent in 2020 by

Fr. Kodaira can be seen at the following URL:



D. General schedule

(The period when the effect of COVID-19 to be ceased,

and the open mass is to begin again)

Generally speaking, the open healing mass will be

offered on the second Sunday, but it is not always on

 the second. The newest information will be on this

 page. There are possibilities such as the case of the

 change of the main celebrant priest, the changes of

the beginning time, the postponing of the mass,

cancel of the mass etc. according to the particular

situation on the day of healing mass such as the

stop of the trains in the south area of Tokyo caused

by typhoon, tremendous snow etc.


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   Access for open mass

1-1. From Hiroo Station of Hibiya Line of Tokyo Metro (ID number of Hiroo station is

    H03; Tokyo Metro's old name is Eidan Subway;). from Exit No. 4 around 6 minutes on foot to go up the slope to the chapel.

As for Exit 4 one can use the elevator from the platform to the concourse level, and the concourse to   the ground level by elevator.

The North gate of the University of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (the Gate of the International School of the Sacred Heart ) is near to Exit 6.

On can use the South Gate  where  the elevator was settled.

2. From Shibuya Station (Yamate Line of JR): Take the bus that goes to Nisseki-Iryou Center. Get off at  Nisseki-Iryou Center . Around 5 minutes on foot to the front gate.

3. From Shinagawa Station (Yamate Line of JR): Take the bus that goes to Shinjuku Station-West Entrance (Nishi guchi). Get off at Hiroo-bashi. Around 5 minutes on foot to the South gate.

4. From Meguro Station (Yamate Line of JR): Take the bus that goes to Sendagaya Station or Shin-bashi Station. Get off at Hiroo-bashi. Around 5 minutes on foot to the South gate.

One has to go up the long stairs at the back gate: No.1, 3, 4 

There are no stairs at the front gate, and the road to the Chapel is flat: No. 2


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    There is no pdf file of  the pamphlet of open masses to download now.

Free software to read PDF file

One can download the free software only to read pdf file from the homepage of Adobe Acrobat:


The following address is linked to the explanation in Japanese.


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The URL below shows the map and access. This is not direct link.):


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Temporary URL (English version, too):

Official URL will be built up soon.

Reference (question and answer in Japanese):

  Mochizuki    Tel.03-3290-1068

      (Kindly do not call in the too early morning nor too late at night.

        Thank you for your corporation.)

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  Cooperating priests

Fr. Paul Janocinski (O.P.)

    He offered healing masses at the University Chapel of Shirayuri University regularly.  

   These days he has offered healing mass together regularly in the University Chapel of the Sacred Heart as regular cooperating priest since June, 2004.

   When Fr. Kodaira has appointment such as retreat director etc., Fr. Paul Janocinski offers mass as main celebrandt.

He also teaches "The care of Heart," and has offered inner and physical healing service in various prayer meetings.


Fr. Kinji Kawamura (Tokyo Archdiocese)

     He has offered healing masses at various places.

The cooperating priests will kindly offer healing mass when Fr. Kodaira  cannot offer.
There will be additional cooperators.



               Sub-Cooperating priest 


Fr. Fio Mascarenhas (S.J.)


           He has offered healing masses several times kindly according to the intention of   the healing mass at the University chapel of the Sacred Heart in Japan.

     He has been in service for the sick around the world more than 80 countries, teaching the Bible courses.


The sub- cooperating priests kindly offer healing mass where he lives or where he goes on pilgrim according to the intention of the healing of the sick of this healing service at the University chapel of the Sacred Heart .
There will be additional sub-cooperators.

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The new URL address of Fr. Kodaira (O.F.M.) is as follows:



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 Late Fr. Daniel McCoy (S.J.),

the founder of the healing mass at the University Chapel of the Sacred Heart and the first main celebrandt, passed away on September 24, 2006.

        The charnel place is at the section for Jesuits in the St. Ignatius Koujimachi Church. B1 F, Section S.


During the spreading of COVID-19,  one need to check the HP of St. Ignatius Church before you plan to go if one can enter there.


Late Fr. Bernardin Schneider (O.F.M.)

 passed away on January 9, 2015.

The charnel place is at the section for the Franciscans in Fuchuu Catholic Cemetery.


During the spreading of COVID-19, one need to check its HP beforehand if one can enter there.


     May our Lord grant them the eternal beatitude in the heaven!


    Let us pray for them, and they will intercede for you.


    It is supposed that Fr. Daniel McCoy

and Fr. Bernardin Schneider in the heaven has interceded for the healings of the sick people whom are included into the intentions of the healing mass now.                                  



Sometimes people mistake the similar healing mass, and ask if this healing mass change the place. But there is other healing mass which is offered by other priests and at other place.
We will inform if we change the place according to the schedule of university by this temporary homepage, prints etc.
As long as there is not the announcement of the change of the place, the place for the open type healing mass is the chapel of the University of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

 (Now healing masses has been offered in closed type at other places accoding to the

condition of the priests in charge.)


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